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Gautama Sidartha - The Buddha
Give light and comfort to the toiling pilgrim, and seek out him who knows still less than thou;who in his wretched desolution sits starving for the Bread of Wisdom and the bread which feeds the shadow, without a teacher, hope or consolation,
and - let him hear the law . . .

H.P. Blavatsky
He who unveils through study and meditation its [karma's] intricate paths, and throws light on
those dark ways, in the windings of which so many men perish owing to their ignorance of the labyrinth of life, is working for the good of his fellow man...

The Secret Doctrine
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Jesus of Nazereth - the Christ
Jesus Christ (between 8 and 4BC-AD29?), the central figure of Christianity, born in Bethlehem in Judea. The chronology of the Christian era is reckoned from a 6th-century dating of the year of his birth, which is now recognized as being from four to eight years in error.

Christians traditionally regard Jesus as the incarnate Son of God, and as having been divinely conceived by Mary, the wife of Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth. The name Jesus is derived from a Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Joshua, or in full Yehoshuah (Yahweh is deliverance). Thetitle Christ is derived from the Greek christos, a translation of the Hebrew mashiakh (anointed one), or Messiah.

"Christ" was used by Jesus' early followers, who regarded him as the promised deliverer of Israel and later was made part of Jesus' proper name by the church, which regards him as the redeemer of all humanity.